Peri makes a great Halloween cat.

I didn’t carve a pumpkin. Instead I just set it out as decoration and if it’s still intact by the end of the evening I’m going to make this pumpkin soup, courtesy of Corey Amaro:

Find a small pumpkin-

Cut the top off, keep it as a hat.

Scoop out the seeds, every single one.

Layer the pumpkin shell with:

Gobs of shredded parmesan

Chunks of crusty bread smothered with glazed golden onions,

Salt, nutmeg and pepper sprinkles

Laced between each layer swirls of white wine and fresh cream

(Don’t be stingy! Nor count calories.)

Put into a hot oven, and bake until it is ready to melt.

Add the top hat and serve with a cane…I mean a spoon.



3 thoughts on “Boo

  1. I made a soup like that once. It tasted okay, but didn’t look appetizing at all. Tim indulged me, but he ate it with his eyes closed. Just warning ya:)

  2. Boo is a good name for a cat. Mark buys a pumpkin, doesn’t carve it, and lets it sit around until it starts to rot. I’ll tell him about the soup.

  3. Peri spooky!
    Might buy some pumpkin and make a vegetable bake at the weekend.Of course, I’m only saying that because we an hour of rain at 5am so it feels cool enough to have the oven on!By Sunday it could be back up to 30+ in which case, bugger the oven!

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