Friday Round-up


Autumn is officially here. It rains daily. The sun might make an appearance for two hours in the afternoon if we are lucky.


Peri is starting to blossom here in our little house. After quite some time (I’m too tired to remember exact dates and too lazy to look them up) she has started to take some ownership of the house. She slapped the dog and made her cry. She has gone all crazy cat on us a couple of times and this means that she runs up and down the stairs three times in a row for no apparent reason and then lets out a howl. Then as quickly as her burst of energy took over, it disappears and she resumes napping. She also responds to my voice and offers the loudest purr I’ve ever heard when I say, “Come on, Peri!” She occasionally sits with all of us in the lounge while we watch TV and last night she sat on the back of the sofa while Pickles slept on the seat. This is all good progress.


I’ve been busy with my friend, Sophia. More on this later.

I also decided to stop screaming at the television and news feeds on the computer when I hear about hunger in the UK and the USA, and I have applied to volunteer at the local food bank. I think it might be a good idea for me to put my anger to work and do something concrete — like assemble emergency food boxes for people who don’t have enough money to buy groceries at month end. The food bank is run by the sweetest and most gentle Catholic nun and as we are packing boxes and sorting bags, I have a good old rant about the skewed values of our politicians and she smiles knowingly.

I have filled my days completely with these things this week which is why I’ve been a little remiss in writing.

Dare I say it? I’m tired. Really tired.

But it’s all good.

2 thoughts on “Friday Round-up

  1. Great to hear you’re volunteering. Don’t over do it though or you can burn out. And don’t be surprised if you come across a person who doesn’t appreciate what they are getting from the food bank. Mark volunteered at a food bank and he was appalled at the number of people who thought they should get Neiman Marcus service. They would complain if the food bank ran out of a particular product, or felt slighted in any way, but of course that’s in the United States. Maybe the British are a little more civilized. Finally, does it rain like that in all of England or just where you live?

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