Adventure Dreaming and a Wee Misunderstanding


The minute I read about my friend, Di’s, experience — Dinner with Jim Haynes —  I knew that this was something that I would LOVE to do.  Seriously.  This guy intrigues me.  And I adore the idea of bringing desparate people together for something as essential and nurturing as a meal.

So I emailed the link to my dear friend and sometimes traveling partner, Tess.  In the email I wrote, “Want to do this?.”

In retrospect, I wasn’t very clear.  Tess wrote back and said that she didn’t think we could find enough eclectic people to attend a dinner.

My eyes bugged out.  Good Lord.  Did she actually think that I was suggesting that we HOST a dinner such as this?

Turns out she did.  But as she has known me for more than 10 years, she also thought I’d gone off my rocker.

She would have been right.  First of all, I can’t imagine pulling off a dinner for more than four people.   OK, maybe six.  Secondly, I can’t imagine my British brothers and sisters agreeing to meet up with total strangers and share a meal.  I have met resistance when I try to give my neighbors Christmas cookies.

So…let’s try again.  Hey Tess!  Let’s hop on a train and have dinner with Jim Haynes and — maybe 30 or so people that we’ve never met.

This is one of those bucket list things that I’d like to do…


9 thoughts on “Adventure Dreaming and a Wee Misunderstanding

  1. I hate parties, but do like it when we have people over for dinner. However, fifty to sixty, and he remembers their names and where they’re from? It’s all I can do to remember the names of the other seven people at our table when Mark hosts a dinner party. (That is my limit, eight including me. Oh, and you are invited if you are ever in south Florida.)

  2. It was divine … no French required. He’s American, and the majority of those there were other foreigners, like American, Irish, Scottish, Kiwi, Belgian, but even the French there spoke English. Just do it … it’s unbelievably excellent. I will return … it’s one of those things you want to do more than once and, we found a Budget Ibis that allowed us to walk to the place.
    Tess, just say yes. You won’t regret it 🙂

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