Take the Paper!

This morning I found myself sitting at the computer, filling out a small pile of paperwork that required me to run all over the house and find assorted documents and files and addresses that have long been tucked away in various drawers.  I’m not organized, but at least I knew which drawers to search through and I found all of my papers.

Then I had to print some items which caused more stress than I can even begin to write about here in this space.  Oh if only you could have heard me, you **might** have been shocked.  It brought this video to mind (which I may or may not have already posted but even if I have, it’s hilarious every time I see it.)




4 thoughts on “Take the Paper!

  1. Very funny. Sounds like Ricky Gervais. Our printer problem is because it is wireless, it not always is “connected” to the network. At that point I start acting like the cat.

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