In the Wee Hours

(Saskia Sleeping — Rembrandt)

It’s been a lousy week of sleepless nights.

Our house is cold and quiet at 4 AM and the TV is remarkably dull. I sorted through a list of documentaries to watch because low-key informational programs sometimes help me fall back to sleep. For some reason I ended up watching a program about a New York City dominatrix, and, really… this is not the film to watch if you have insomnia. Best to stick with David Attenborough.

2 thoughts on “In the Wee Hours

  1. Maybe 15 years ago, I was in New York City and saw a catalog similar to the Learning Exchange we have here in California and they actually had a class on how to be a dominatrix.
    Also, I love your new cat. Her coloring is beautiful.

    1. Yes, well, I’ve had the urge to carry a whip today and demand that my family stop leaving tea cups all over the house. ***Crack*** And Peri thanks you for the compliment. She complained bitterly this morning when I closed the bedroom door and she couldn’t get to her hiding place. She’s resting with us in the living room tonight.

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