Breaking (in) Bad


It turns out that little Peri is quite a delicate feline. She prefers to rest behind our sofa — and now in some secret place upstairs which we haven’t yet figured out.

She only walks freely late at night when the house is quiet and all the footsteps have settled and a certain dog that we call Miss Thing is upstairs, comatose on the bed.

Peri also makes a BIG appearance in the morning, when it’s food time. Oh boy does she like her food. It is at this time that she becomes totally fearless and she will stand side-by-side with Miss Thing and take turns hissing (at Pickles) and meowing (at me) while I spoon out her stinky goodness into her cat bowl. After she’s eaten, she allows me to hold her and she purrs. And then she buggers off again to parts unknown.

Today I bought her a cat toy. It’s a stick with a feather and a toy mouse on the end of a string. I’m sure you’ve seen them. When Peri pattered downstairs in the quiet of the afternoon (after I rattled her food bag), I dangled the toy in front of her. She looked quizzically at it for a moment and then said, “no can do” and she turned around and dashed off to her secret hiding place.

I’m off to buy Peri a super-soft plush cat bed which I’m sure will do the trick! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Breaking (in) Bad

  1. I had a cat who hid in a closet for a full year when I got my dog Molly. She too only came out for food and to scratch in her pooey box. Eventually they all ended up on my bed with me.

  2. She’s so beautiful. She sounds French in temperament. Especially with the eschewing of the cat toy.

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