And Now…Peri


I collected her on Sunday morning. She spent most of the day behind our TV but towards the evening she allowed both AP and me to stroke her and she ventured out just a little. She was looking for other (and better) hiding places, I think.

Today she has been in the front window for most of the day. It’s been lovely seeing her there, just as I wished. She is still wary but I can tell she’s more relaxed.

She is petite. And she is really sweet and gentle.

Thank you so much for all the name submissions: Titania, Cupcake, Caledonia, Cookie, Pattycake, Gladys, Fizzy and Pook. I thought, perhaps, Betty Lou or Sue Ellen but those were vetoed immediately by family members. No. In the end we all agreed upon Peri — for Peridot in honor of her green eyes. Thank you, Debs, for that suggestion.

Peri it is, then.

4 thoughts on “And Now…Peri

  1. Ahhhhh! Peri is the perfect name for a cat! I am a bit partial to Miss Marple (or Hinch and Murgatroyd?) myself, but Peri is much, much prettier! Is she a Tortie? I am a bit taken with Torties (have had the same one for the past 14 years!) Is her name really Peridot? Gosh. That is lovely. Sigh. RIP P&P, of course, but so happy that another (very fortunate) cat has found such a lovely home with you and yours. Yay!

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