The Possibility of Kitty


She needs a home. She has been described as very sweet, affectionate, calm, and used to living with dogs.

Oh how I would like to come home and see a kitty in my front window again.

I put in the call.

She is waiting for me, I just know it.

I’m searching for names…what does that face say to you?

11 thoughts on “The Possibility of Kitty

  1. Cookie, is a good name. I say if you aren’t allergic to cats you should have one. Everybody should have one. They require such little effort to take care of (except for that scooping thing). I wish I wasn’t allergic, or the two little girls living in my back yard would be in the house. Yesterday they got into a fight with a raccoon.

  2. You and your cat must sit down, quietly, perhaps with a treat you can share…and decide for yourselves what name shall be Official.
    Then, of course, there will be all the other names she will be called. And the “inestimable, inscrutable name ” that none but the cat knows.:-)

  3. Peridot….Peri for short. She has such beautiful bright green eyes and Peridot is a beautiful green gem stone :o) Pickles and Peridot :o)

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