A Small Post to Catch Up

The Tour of Britain tore through my little town on Sunday and luckily, right past a local pub and so we went down to cheer them on.



Oh dear. During some routine road works that started in August…mistakes were made. Mistakes that involved somebody drilling through a sewer pipe in front of our house and now it’s the end of September and really I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. All I know is that I can barely get in and out of my driveway and there is a whirling pump that runs throughout the night. Still, we mustn’t grumble!


Finally…my friend, Sophia.

She is with me today. We stopped at a local playground and braved a giant slide with a rope ladder and everything. Later, when we got home, ย she taste-tested some chocolate mousse for me while watching Angelina Ballerina and she approved.

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