Hello Again

I returned to England on Wednesday.

It has been slow going.

A bit of laundry —

A visit to the market —

A few naps in between —

Finally, unpacking completely and storing my suitcase.

And for the first time I opened the shed door today. I sat down. I realized that I need to reorder some expensive supplies because I forgot to tell AP to refill my polisher while I was away. Darn.

I haven’t seen the sun since I left New York on Tuesday evening and the air has turned cool. While walking Pickles this afternoon I saw that the sloes and blackberries are very ripe in the field and so I rushed back home and grabbed some containers and returned to the hedges to pick my fill. As I plucked the blackberries away from the brambles I heard a little bird scolding me — several times as I picked. It needn’t have worried because there were plenty for all.

I am home and slowly stepping into the rhythm of my UK life.

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