Me and Other Me


My sister and I were reminiscing about our childhood, as siblings do from time to time. She reminded me that we both had imaginary friends when we were children. Her imaginary friends were named Be-Got and Bordon and she used to ask my mother to set a place at the table for them.

My imaginary friend was named, “Other Kimi” and I had long conversations with her whenever I was alone.  Like my girlfriend who, as a child, named her brown dog “Brownie” and her hamster “Hammy”, I wasn’t the most imaginary with my imaginary name, but oh well.

The thing is, Other Kimi stays with me in my adult life and she surprises me whenever she makes an appearance. Sometimes when I know that I mustn’t escalate a particular conversation, Other Kimi steps in a opens her mouth and says things that I just know I shouldn’t say.  Or when situations arise that call for me to let go of a particular emotion, Other Kimi sits down beside me and rages with self-righteous indignation.

I have to confess to you, my reader, that Other Kimi is a formidable force and she is often hard to wrap up and put away.  I don’t mind her sitting with me.  I just don’t want her shouting in my ear.  This is a photo of her.  She looks very innocent but believe me, she can throw quite the temper tantrum…


I’m going to have a long talk with her.  It’s scheduled in my diary.  As I’m going to be visiting my dear mother over the next few weeks, perhaps I’ll even ask her to set a place at the table for this little girl, who seems to need some attention right now.

8 thoughts on “Me and Other Me

  1. Oh my word – this pushed a few buttons! Personally I think you should sometimes give a lot more credence to Other Kimi as she’s the one who hasn’t been conditioned into thinking that little girls (and big girls) should always be polite and compliant!


  2. I’m an only child.
    Never was and never am lonely. (Oh, all alone, sometime …. but never lonely.)
    My imaginary friend was Gwendolyn.
    Every once in a very great while …. she visits with me again.
    Nice story and adorable photo.

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