Gostrey Meadows

AP and I had dinner at our friend, Sophia’s house. Oh…and with her mom and dad too! We played a game. We ate a meal. We had a recital (as you will see). And then, little Sophia told her mummy that she was tired and would like to retire. OK…she said she wanted to go to bed. She then whispered, “can Kim and Andy spend the night?”

How cute is that? Well. Of course I told Liz that, if she felt comfortable, I would have Sophia over to our house for a sleep-over. We will put mattresses on the living room floor and pop popcorn and watch “Angelina Ballerina” and “Peppa Pig” the whole evening long. Liz snorted, “pfffft. YEAH! I’ll be in touch.”

And without further adieu, here is Sophia singing a song that she made up for us:

Sophia’s Song from Kim A on Vimeo.

What an incredible kid. I love her.

One thought on “Gostrey Meadows

  1. I’m sure she loves you, too! How cool to have a little kid to play with whenever you want. Where were you when our kids were little? Sophia reminds me of Kate when she was a tot — lots of curls (though she never liked em) and quite self-assured.

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