Happy Birthday and Goodbye


My family left yesterday morning and after dropping them off at Heathrow, I came home and began the slow re-entry into normality. I folded up guest beds and began laundry. I vacuumed bits of potato chips off the girls’ bedroom floor and collected all the stray bobby pins that found themselves on the window sills or side tables. It was a bittersweet day. I have such nice memories of my time with them and as soon as everyone left, the house was strangely quiet and empty. I allowed myself to experience this bit of melancholy for a few hours and then I went straight up to my bedroom and had a lovely, lovely nap with Pickles.

Also, yesterday was my birthday and I got bombed. No, not with alcohol — but with little floral bath bombs and then, to my delight, with kabloom thymeboms.  I’m still trying to decide when and where to toss my little biodegradable grenades.





5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday and Goodbye

  1. Your birthday! I knew I forgot something! I’m glad you got bombed:) And so glad your sister and nieces came to visit. Back to reality, but I’ll check out that link first.

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