London Called…





Best not to visit the Big Smoke on the hottest day of the year. Circumstances were such that this was the most opportune day for us to tackle some of the sight seeing and so we went. And we saw. And we got really, really hot and tired.

My nieces are so clever and easy going. I dare not post photos of my sister and me as we did not hold up nearly as well under the heat.

5 thoughts on “London Called…

  1. But you were in London, a real city. I’m in a swamp that has been converted into a “city” with temperatures in the 90’s (mid 30’s c.) and high, very high humidity.

  2. ooh! terribly jealous! It really is hot there, isn’t it? 34.5 or something? I love London. The first time I went, I climbed up out of the (Charing Cross, I think) tube station up to street level and the first thing I saw was a woman dressed as an angel (with feathery wings) getting on a bicycle. It was May! I thought that London must be a very interesting place! I hope to visit again, soon.

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