For the Birds…

My back garden is busy these days. I’ve been much more prompt about filling the bird feeders and keeping suet and seeds out on the bird table. I have both large and small birds coming by every morning and every evening and as I keep saying here, I get such a kick out of watching them.

The two pigeons who feed at the bird table have adopted me. They sit  very, very high in a tree in a neighboring garden. I see them perched on the tippy top. As soon as I step out onto the patio and open my shed door, they come flying to my yard and sit on my back fence and stare at me. If I don’t feed them immediately then they come a little closer and sit on the side fence and look sideways at me.

One day AP made up a conversation between the two pigeons and it went something like this:

“Dad…should we be out looking for food?”


“No, son. Just sit here and a nice lady will come out and put food on that table…”


“But dad! Isn’t that dangerous? I mean…what if the lady goes away? Shouldn’t we be out looking for food on the ground or in the blackberry brambles?”

“No, no, no, my boy. Just wait riiiight here and the lady will come and out and feed us. Don’t you worry about a thing…”

My sister and her grand daughters are coming for a visit!  They arrive in two days and there is so much to do to prepare.  Yet.  I drag my feet.  In between washing floors and changing beds, I went out to the shed and worked on some pieces.


Surprisingly, I concentrated and work steadily for quite awhile.  I can do that when I’m trying to avoid cleaning.  Funny how that works.

2 thoughts on “For the Birds…

  1. Mark always tells family to visit often because it spurs me into cleaning the house. As for the birds, I used to fill the bird feeder, but the cats thought I was just setting the table for dinner.

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