A Little Cat Blogging

From commenter, J. on my recent trip to Wells with my friends, Beth and Lisette:

“Oh — and I LOVE Wells. We went there on our last trip. There was a little cat who lived in the cathedral entry gate house.”

Was THIS the little cat at the gatehouse?


We noticed this boy (I assume he’s a boy because most ginger cats are male) while taking photographs in the courtyard of the cathedral. He was pure delight. He sat in the doorway and surveyed the gardens. He blinked at us a few times in that lazy way that sleepy cats do. We cooed at him and smiled at one another and we spoke of our need to introduce another cat into our respective homes. Shamefully, we are all cat-less at the moment.

And then we walked on and took more photographs:


As we were walking back to the door of the cathedral, we saw Mr. Ginger Cat again, galloping across the lawn. We excitedly clapped our hands and were full of glee at the sight of him.


We saw that he was bringing us a live mouse. Exclamations of pure joy turned into screams of horror in seconds and if you had been there you would have seen three grown women running and screaming across the lawn of the courtyard.

We forgot that outdoor cats are hunters. And nature can be oh so cruel.

P.S. – Today marks two years of blogging. Thank you for reading my blog.

P.P.S. – Alan in comments has pointed out that this cat is famous and has posted a You Tube video for our enjoyment. I am a little embarrassed that I was in the dark about Louis, the Cathedral Cat.

7 thoughts on “A Little Cat Blogging

  1. Two years! Time flies for mice and blogs. There’s a mouse in our house that I hope will be history pretty soon.

  2. Oooooh! That is not the cat that I met (a grey tabby) HOWEVER, my google research skills (honed in graduate school and coming in oh-so-handy) indicate that you have found *THE* Real Wells Cathedral Cat! Isn’t he gorgeous? I fully intend to meet that cat one day, too. I hope he doesn’t bring me a mouse gift. If so, I will try to think of it as the cat’s contribution to heritage preservation…

    Oh. I love Wells. Did you walk up that very old street? The longest, oldest, oh — I don’t know which one it is, but it was almost as fabulous as meeting the Wells cat. I won’t mention the café and kitchen shops. Sigh. What a place. What a place, what a place!

  3. Lovely! And Louis is such a Rusty-look-alike.
    Ah, Kim, you mean 2 years on this blog. But I, and others, knew you in your alter ego…I think you do need another cat.
    Happy Blogiversary anyway!

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