A Little Bitty Friday Ditty




Notice the blue sky. Can you see the brown field and lush, green trees? And Pickles’ tongue hanging out because the afternoon sun is hot and the road is dusty. I’m sure I heard some cicadas humming. I live on a busy road in the village but there is a long, dirt road and a field behind our house. That’s where I walk in the afternoons. The road is pitted with pot holes and sometimes people throw their trash in the ditch. Once someone put a sofa under some trees and another time I found a lonely horse walking all by himself. He had obviously gotten loose and so I encouraged him to walk with me while I went from house to house, knocking on doors and asking if the horse belonged to anyone. Can you imagine? Pickles and I walking along — Pickles on the lead — and a big, grey horse clop, clop, clopping behind us. He was so gentle and trusting. And I was a little afraid of him because he was big. And I am short.

We found his owner eventually, and then went home with a story to tell.

Happy Friday.
Treat yourself to a cuppa tea…or some vodka.

One thought on “A Little Bitty Friday Ditty

  1. Why do people feel so free to just dump garbage in such a beautiful place? We have bulk trash pickup once a month for things like that sofa, and I always take advantage of it.

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