Summery Things


Pickles likes sitting in the sun.

Pretend this is my garden.


It’s truly summer now. The skies are clear and blue and the sun is shinning. I wake up to a cool house and as the day progresses it grows a little more sultry and things go quiet in the late afternoon heat. I love it.

I successfully germinated some seeds that Viki so kindly gave me when I was in France back in May and I managed to plant them in my back yard today. I blessed each one and wished it well. I’ll do my best to keep them going.

Pickles herded a magpie into our house a few mornings ago. I left the back door open for her so that she could come and go as she pleased and the next thing I heard was loud squawking and then the clicky clack of Pickles’ toenails on my floor. When I went to investigate the poor magpie was sitting in my downstairs bathroom, terribly confused.

And then the bird just casually walked out of my back door and flew away.

It saved me from donning a helmet, leather gloves, and protective clothing to shoo the bird out of my house. I’m a bit of a coward, you see.


It’s not a magpie, I know. But this bird visited me while I was eating cherries in a field near Stonehenge. I shared a few with him. Or her.

I am so happy to see the sun!

2 thoughts on “Summery Things

  1. Amen sister!! We have summer too. Dinner in the garden every night, Salads. I’m so HAPPY. I think my empty vitamin D reservoir has filled again. I had a moment where a bubble of joy rose up inside of me today. it felt so good. Love the magpie story. Love that you have summer too!

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