The Cotswolds Tour and Wimbledon


We found ourselves in Stratford-upon-Avon this weekend. We made a stop at Anne Hathaway’s family home.


This is my friend, Beth, and her daughter, Lisette. AP snapped their picture while I photo bombed it in the background.  Look closely.


Quintessential English gardens.


AP and I stopped in a pub and watched this guy play in the Wimbledon finals while our friends toured Blenheim Palace. The UK is so proud of Andy Murray and somewhere up in Scotland, bagpipes are playing.  And I understand that Blenheim is well worth a visit in case you ever plan a trip to the UK.

4 thoughts on “The Cotswolds Tour and Wimbledon

  1. I’ve been to Anne Hathaway’s. OOOH! I love it when I read something and I’ve been there. I don’t get out much…

    And Blenheim, isn’t that home of your wee sweet dog? Originally speaking?

  2. I need travel advice, actually. We are planning a trip of a lifetime. Perhaps 9-10 weeks long. 3 weeks in Spain, 3 in France and 3 in the UK. Avec les enfants terrible! If you have recommendations, or recommendations for a better mix (skip France?) Let me know!

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