The Carnival

It was the weekend of the Farnham Carnival and for once we didn’t have rain.

We met up with Sofia’s family at the bouncy castle!


There was face painting and she had her choice of a cat or a bird or a lion… but she wanted to be a zombie.


No matter how much we tried to convince her otherwise, the girl wouldn’t have it.

So we walked around all afternoon with this adorable zombie and she drew all kinds of looks and smiles.

The sun came out in full today and so we were able to take the covering off our patio table and pull the chairs out of the shed. It felt so good to be outside in the warmth of the sun and sit and muse about what we ought to do with our garden. One can dream.

We’re having company this week and so I’m in a mad rush to prepare the guest room and clean the cobwebs off the light fixtures.

I will be busy playing tour guide but will be sure to post from the road.

Happy Sunday.

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