Friday Ramblings

Actually…not many ramblings today.  The week has been full-on but it’s all catch-up stuff that we’ve had to face since our long weekend away.

The only noteworthy item that I can share with my vast readership is that I made an enquiry to the Farnham Cat Rescue League so that I can be vetted to adopt a little puddin…sometime in September.  I am hosting two sets of visitors this summer and will be flying back to the US to spend some time with my family towards the end of August so I’m afraid an adoption will have to wait until things settle down after the summer break.



I think Pearl and Pumpkin would approve.

6 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. Yes, Alan, that was going to be my question! Pearl was one of my first blog reads and she can probably be blam–credited with my starting a blog.
    A cat will “find” you, Kim. That’s a given!

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