Shoe Post and That is All


Shooooooot.  I’m way too old for pink cowboy boots.  I’m sure my friend, Sofia, would like them but I might embarrass myself if I wore them out in public.

I let go of that moment of insanity.  I found a pair of very sensible low-healed, pillow-soft sandals made by Hush Puppies.  My feet and back thank me.


7 thoughts on “Shoe Post and That is All

  1. I’ll never understand people who wear great looking shoes that are bad for their feet. Having bad feet myself, I go for the sensible.

  2. Oh woman! Come to Belgium, where no one cares about judging anyone else 🙂 and you can decide whether they’re comfortable or not. Or were they immediately, clearly, uncomfortable. If anyone could wear them, and wear them well, (in my opinion) it’s you 🙂

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