Last Day of May…

(Photo taken on my recent trip to France)

…and it presented itself today with sunshine and warm air. Such a nice day that I put on my high sandals — the ones that make me about three inches taller but don’t hurt my back. One of the things that I love about summer weather is that I can put away my shoes and socks and wiggle my toes about in freedom.

I am busy again. Busy, busy.

And I caught a cold.

AP and I are re-decorating our downstairs bathroom and we lost the taps that we bought for the new sink. Do you ever have things disappear from your house? The older I get, the more things just up and walk away. But sink taps? We lay in bed at night and ask each other, “so…where are those taps?” And then we list all the possibilities. In the end, our plumber provided us with another set of taps and so we’re just going to say that the others have been stolen. By someone. In the night.

Happy Friday.

8 thoughts on “Last Day of May…

  1. Take lots of Zicam and Airborne cold remedies. They say they don’t work, but they seem to make my colds less severe, and last a shorter amount of time. That is assuming they are available over there. Also, don’t fall off those three inch sandals.

  2. Our house seems to lose things too. And, even more disturbing, I will come across something in our house that I don’t recognize in the least. That I’m certain belongs to someone else. So I may come across your sink taps one day soon in a closet or cupboard. I’ll let you know immediately.

  3. Umm, I might not know you well enough to say this, and I have yet to have my first cup of coffee, but I hope you don’t end up going airborne on your sandals under the influence of Nyquil πŸ™‚ As for me, I don’t lose things (yet) but I end up chasing all around, up and down, like a mad woman to find things I put away too well …

    1. Ah – no worries S.S. Juliet. I only take Nyquil once in a blue moon — when I’m desperate for relief during sleep. I know it’s very bad for me but I will say this…it does make me sleep! And I didn’t fall off the sandals.

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