Midweek Ramble


Oh I do hate to start banging on about the weather, but it really has been cold and dreary again. Four or five days in a row of dreariness is just a bit much. I have a memory of a warm and sunny spring when AP and I pulled our living room rug out onto the patio and set up a table and chairs outside and we spent the whole day out there in the sunshine. I have photos of it somewhere. I know we used to have proper spring weather!

I had to work in the gallery again and I needed a book to read and so on my out the door I grabbed a book off our bookshelf that I read about three years ago and I’m enjoying it all over again:   French Spirits by Jeffrey Greene.  It’s a memoir of life in a French village while renovating an old house. Just as I re-read that sentence I know that it sounds lackluster, but the book is beautifully written. I am instantly transported as soon as I start reading and it has some laugh-out-loud moments, too.

I hope, wherever you are, you are enjoying some sunshine and good books.  Feel free to tell me about it!

5 thoughts on “Midweek Ramble

  1. We are so very cold over here in Belgium. It’s rubbish. And they’re warning about snow at the weekend, in the Ardennes. So wrong. Fortunately, being a southern-hemisphere kind of woman, I’m always confused about the seasons and the weather 🙂

  2. We are NOT cold here in Atlanta ;0 My face cream was sliding off my face when I went to get my CSA-farm order. I love that sentence, “I have photos of it somewhere.” Peter Mayle’s “Hotel Pastis” does it for me every time.

    1. Ah – Atlanta.

      Well…come to England and I promise your face cream won’t slide off. In fact…the air is so moist here your skin will grow softer and softer and the brisk air will make you glow.

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