But Sometimes I Just Can’t Help Myself…


The following is an email exchange between our MP, Jeremy Hunt and me, wherein he explains the government’s position on austerity and I explain mine.

Thank you for your email concerning the Government’s austerity measures. I appreciate your concern. However, this Government inherited the highest structural budget deficit of any major economy in the world and the highest deficit in our peacetime history. Action must be taken to tackle this problem, which is why the Coalition’s Programme for Government set out that deficit reduction, and ensuring economic recovery, is the most urgent issue facing Britain.

The OECD, CBI and every business organisation in Britain believe the Government has the right plan. Furthermore, the Government’s plan is working. We have cut the deficit by a third in just three years. The private sector has created more than a 1.25 million new jobs since the election and we have seen the fastest rate of new business creation for decades.

More spending would mean more borrowing and the markets would lose confidence in our ability to pay our debts and would see our interest rates spiral. We would end up like Greece. Under Labour, this country borrowed its way into trouble and now we are going to earn our way out. At a time of such global instability, it would be reckless to continue to live well beyond our means, accumulating ever more debt. Increasing borrowing would add to our debt and see our economic recovery put at risk.

I appreciate that this may not be the response you were hoping for, but I hope that this information clarifies the Government’s position.

Best wishes

Jeremy Hunt
Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
Member of Parliament for South West Surrey


Dear Mr. Hunt,

Thank you for your response to my email concerning failed austerity measures here in the UK.

The UK was a part of a global economic crisis brought on by wide scale fraud of the banking industry, largely assisted by  lax or non existent government regulations.   The UK inherited “the largest debt” because we have the largest banking sector, largely enabled by the Tories.   Sadly, banking regulations remain lax and banks are continuing to commit acts of fraud.

The financial crisis was not specifically brought about by the Labour party, however, I can’t condone their policies either since they are so much like Tory policies that there is scarcely a difference when it comes to protecting the corporate elite.

At the moment the UK is printing money and giving it to the banks.  Why not invest this money in the people by creating jobs, improving education and healthcare and sustainable energy policies?  An educated and healthy population is a much better investment than insolvent banks.  Yet, the financial industry continues to prosper while the working people of Britain continue to suffer from low wages, no wages and the rising cost of living.

Finally, let me just end this correspondence by stating that austerity is nothing more than an opportunity for the conservatives both here and abroad to finally enact their long-time agenda of slashing and cutting every social program possible and to privatize as much as possible, thus lining the pockets of the corporate class and most wealthy in the society.

As your constituent and as someone who is active in the community, I feel that it is important that I voice my concerns to you and let you know how immoral  and cruel I feel the austerity measures have been to the people of this country.


 I wonder how these people look at themselves in the mirror.  

10 thoughts on “But Sometimes I Just Can’t Help Myself…

  1. Well, at least you got a response from your MP. Here in North Carolina, where the republicans are doing their best to help residents of South Carolina and Alabama say “well, at least we don’t live in North Carolina,” one of our esteemed legislators actually proposed keeping people protected under guardianships from voting. That would include a lot of people with disabilities who need help with financial affairs or medical decisions. It would also include a lot of people who lean toward the democratic party because the dems aren’t slashing social welfare programs right and left. This is the same party that thought about declaring a state religion, and is trying to keep Tesla Motors from selling its cars here. Jesse Helms would be so proud.

  2. Somebody keeps voting for these people. Here in one of the most liberal of all Florida districts, Allen West somehow got elected. They dumped him two years later, but still how does that happen?

    1. Yes – these conservative knuckle-draggers keep saying “immigrants, immigrants, welfare queens, terrorists, booga booga booga” and people believe them. It’s so much easier then looking at the complexities of society and acting with thoughtfulness and human compassion.

  3. What an excellent letter, Kim! You are so smart. There was just an article in the NYTimes about Japan getting out of their recession much quicker because they bucked austerity and started some spending on infrastructure and the like. But the Europeans and U.S. Republicans are refusing to consider it. We poor tighten our belts while the rich loosen their’s!
    Go Kim!

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