Rainy Day Ramblings and Things

Oh it’s a drizzly grey old day. Pickles is giving me the stink-eye because she wants me to take her outside and, because she glances at the dog treat cupboard in between stink eye looks, I know that she’d like a biscuit as well. Trust me, she will get both before the sun sets this evening.

I’ve been busy in the workshop! I’ve had a few orders to fill and the student show is this week so I’ve been out in the shed every day for the past week, cutting, hammering and soldering metal. It’s slow going and sometimes I am friends with the metal and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I have to put down all of my tools and leave it for awhile so that we both can cool off. Then I return to the shed, rested and ready to make amends.

Today I had to work in the gallery as part of the student program. I quickly took these photos with my iphone before leaving.

Happy Tuesday.

One thought on “Rainy Day Ramblings and Things

  1. The leg sculpture reminds me of some of the artwork in an apartment we stayed at when we visited Holland in 2006. My mom’s cousin lent us his flat, and it was like living in an art museum. I’ll dig up some pictures and send them along.

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