Chez Sampo


My friends, Richard and Viki, are two of the most talented people I know.  They are the kind of people who lay their desires at the door of the universe,  and then sit down and figure out how to make their dreams come true.  And they do not seem to know the words “I can’t” or “it’s impossible”.

They are both musicians who write, produce and perform their own music.  

They bought an old barn with dirt floors and only three walls — but they had vision.  Oh yes.  They knew that there was another purpose for those  stone walls and timber beams.  They worked tirelessly for a year.  I saw photos of them both with plaster dust and big smiles on their faces, standing on scaffolding, holding chainsaws and hammers.

And when it was complete, we just stood in amazement at the beautiful job that they had done on this house…almost all of it with their own two hands.

Viki  has made the soft furnishings for her home — plus a little dress for herself.  The dress was designed by her.   She said that, outside of a few hiccups,  it was simple.  She has always admired fabrics and designs and so about four months ago she sat down and taught herself how to sew.  See? Easy.

Attached to their home is a guest house and retreat, also rebuilt and renovated by Richard and Viki.  My friend, Tess, and I stayed there this weekend and it was just  about the most perfect place for a holiday that I could imagine.  The integrity of the ancient building was maintained with ceiling beams and fireplaces — and each guest room had its own en suite facility.  Amazing.


Tess and I did the Thelma and Louise thing during the day. We rented a car and drove to the beach…we walked arm-in-arm in the coastal towns and found places to shop and eat. In the evenings we went back to the guest house and put our feet up and watched the sun go down over Viki’s back garden.  We could see her out there, lovingly planting and weeding while Jour J, the cat, patted back and forth, snoopervising the whole operation.  It made me smile.

So if you want some rest, relaxation and inspiration, I highly recommend Chez Sampo.  A big hat-tip to R & V.

3 thoughts on “Chez Sampo

  1. Oh, I would love to go there with you, Tim and Andy. What a grand place to relax and catch up and be amazed by the beauty of the world. First we need to get Kate settled in her new house. At the rate we’re going and bureaucracy grinds that will take another six months…
    But then let’s plan a getaway:)

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