French Cats and Macaroons


First things first. Meet  Mimilli and Jour J.  They live here in France with my friends, Richard and Viki.   Are they not adorable? Mimilli  reminds me of Henri, the existentialist cat,and I’ve been told that he can be a little naughty and cannot be fully trusted. This is why, here at chez Sampo, you may see Mimilli saunter out of a room followed by a torrent of French words uttered by Viki. He merely swishes his tail, puts his ears back and pays her no mind what-so-ever.

Jour J is just here on earth to be beautiful and utterly sweet in nature.

Next let me introduce you to the macaroon:


I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’ve not had one until yesterday. They are melt-in-your-mouth divine.  This is not the best photo, I know, but no photo could capture the deliciousness of these little sweet things.



There is more to tell but I will save that for another time and another day.

3 thoughts on “French Cats and Macaroons

  1. I want one of those macaroons. And maybe a kitty. But I like my phone. Oh, wait, that’s an ad.xoxo

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