Let Go and Agree to Accept the Experience…

Sunny day

That is the answer to an old Buddhist koan. And I have used that answer many times in my life. I may not like the experience but I have to agree to accept it. Then I carry on, one foot in front of the other and do the next thing. Then the next. Even through fear and terrible anxiety.

This is what my friend, Julie, is going through with cancer. It’s like walking on a razor’s edge. There’s bad news…then good…then something pops up and it concerns the doctor and it makes her heart sink or she has a bad day and it is crushing.

Her oncologist has been very forthright with her and, while he referred her to a surgeon, he was doubtful that surgery could be done. And so Julie and Redrokit set out for the surgeon’s office expecting to hear the worst. I picture them parking the car and walking in silence to the consultant’s office. I see bowed heads and slumped shoulders waiting to be burdened again with medical facts and hard realities of cancer.

But a funny thing happened. Go see for yourself.

I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that I’d be so happy to hear that a friend of mine has to have major surgery. What a relief it’s been!

It’s another lesson, too. Nobody can predict, from one minute to the next, what’s going to happen to us in our lives. Anything…anything can happen.

8 thoughts on “Let Go and Agree to Accept the Experience…

  1. I always love to hear a hopeful cancer story. 25 years this coming month since I finished my chemo treatments. I love modern medicine.

  2. Great post and love the black and white piccie too! We have had rain here all day! It better be sunny when we go to Italy or else ;o) So unbelievably chuffed for Team Julie xx

  3. Oh yes Rockyann. If there’s one thing Team Julie has learned, it’s that anything can happen. And we continue to try to let go and let the experience happen. Lovely picture of you and pickles.

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