A Walk in the Woods

IMG_6474IMG_6473 IMG_6476

These photos were from a walk that I took yesterday. It was overcast and cool. I like to meander along the pathways and dream some dreams…or kick the dirt if I’m irritated about something. (Which is hardly EVER đŸ™‚ ) Pickles likes to take her time and thoroughly sniff every leaf that may have one drop of dog urine on it. We call this collecting her pee mail.

Today, at last, we have full-on sunshine and warm weather. I was able to work in the shed with the door open, listening to The Majority Report podcast and my bird friends squawking  and calling to each other. I left the back door open so that Pickles could visit me from time to time. She has a cushion that she sits on in the shed and when the sunlight gets too warm, she goes back to the house to commence napping where it is cool.


I worked steadily today and without fatigue. What a rare and beautiful day.

2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

  1. What a beautiful place to walk. I envy you. All we have are suburban tract houses from the 1960’s, and traffic. Lot’s of traffic.

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