Sunday Afternoon in the Garden


As you all well know by now, we have had a long, cold winter and spring and so I was all like, “meh” when it came to going out into the garden. Finally this weekend:  THE SUN.  And so I felt it was time to address the rubble and broken trellis and mangled bamboo flower beds out there. Our garden looks like it belongs to the Clampets* and I’m sure our neighbors would be horrified if they could see into our back yard.

We spent the morning cleaning and clearing. When it was all done, Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon came to the fence and looked at me with their earnest and imploring pigeon eyes. They were saying, “dang…it’s been a long time since we’ve had some of those sunflower seeds, lady…” I was ashamed all over again. Our bird feeder was empty.

One of our neighbors makes bird tables and bird boxes and so I did the right thing and hurried up the road and knocked on his door and bought a handmade bird table for the robust pigeons… and then I filled the little feeder for our songbirds. And within two hours I saw a little grey bird at the small feeder and had to break up a confrontation between a magpie and a starling over the bird table. Goodness me.  So much happens in the garden.  I’m going to have to keep a better eye on things back there.

*The Clampets refers to an old 1960’s TV show, “The Beverly Hillbillies”

6 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon in the Garden

  1. Now this here’s the story of a gal named Kim,
    had so much winter that her garden got real dim.
    Not like our yard where a guy named Tim
    has been mowin all the weeds with vigor and vim.
    Not really — least not the vigor and vim part.

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