Just a Friday in April

IMG_6404 IMG_6405
(Strange Trees)

I had to write another post, if for no other reason than to get that horrible picture of myself off the opening page of my blog.

I was too intimidated to make a comment on Question Time but the camera caught me about four times during the show, which was a real thrill for my family, let-me-tell-you.

The show featured prominent politicians and media figures and they discussed current news stories of the week. While listening to them speak, I was reminded a poem that I read a few years ago during the election:

Lies, lies, lies, lies,
Lies, lies, lies.

Lies, lies, lies
Different colored ties.


This is a little being who is always true, no matter what. We’re off for our evening stroll and then home for a Baker’s Meaty Meal.

Happy Friday.

6 thoughts on “Just a Friday in April

    1. Well thank you, fieryskipper. It is sweet. It’s a metaphor for my new little charge, Sophia. I’m a nurse log. (Not exactly dead but, well… you know.)

  1. I have loved all your recent blog posts and I think I might not have commented. I’m sorry … because I loved them. Politicians are exhausting me at the moment. And you … well you are a tonic.

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