Question Time on the BBC


I submitted my question to the producers and I will be in the audience for the political show, Question Time. It airs tonight. I have no idea if my question will be asked but if it is…you may see me on TV.

And here’s my question:

This government has made it a priority to cut welfare benefits from the disabled and most vulnerable people in the country. The government and media have emphasized the cost of welfare cheats to the general public yet nothing is said of the trillion pound bailout that we gave the banks and the corporate welfare that is given to private companies. We spend far more more on this kind of “welfare” than that to private citizens. Why is the opposition party and media silent on the cost of bank bailouts and corporate welfare?

I think it’s a good question. I know the answer, of course.   Still…I want to see what the talking heads might say.
The bastids.  (I won’t say that on TV.)

6 thoughts on “Question Time on the BBC

  1. Ooh, how exciting! :o) What are you going to wear?! (Girly question I know!) Where is it being filmed? xx

  2. Very good question. I obviously didn’t realize that ‘Question Time’ was a political show. I thought it was something like ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader’.

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