And Now For Something Completely Different


This morning after noticing several millimeters of dust under all of some of my furniture, I decided that it was time to remove the area rug and move everything away from the walls  and ***gasp*** wash the entire floor.  In the midst of this mayhem, my phone rang and it was a nice gentleman from the BBC.

I stood there with the vacuum hose in one hand and the phone in the other and I thought, “The BBC?!”

Ah yes.  It seems that I had applied to participate in the audience of Question Time, which is coming to a town nearby.  Indeed…I do remember filling out the application but I must have been having a bad day because apparently I gave them a completely incorrect mobile phone number and put my age down as two years older than I actually am.  I’m surprised he still wanted me to participate after such a demonstration of incompetence but he pressed on with my interview.  I have to submit two questions to the producers of the show and if chosen, I might be on the telly.

I thought it was a fun idea at the time.

Me not so sure right now.

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