My Vegetable Box


Shortly after the horse meat scandal broke, AP requested that we eat more vegetarian meals. And after reading about the Monsanto Corporation hijacking our food supply and contaminating it with genetically modified seeds, AP requested that we eat only organic vegetables and fruits.

Ho-Kay. So AP ordered an organic vegetable box and it arrived on our doorstop last week full of fruits and vegetables that, frankly, we never eat. But it just kills me to throw away food and when I couldn’t off load it on our neighbors or my hair stylist, I had to actually start planning meals and looking up recipes for all the root and leafy vegetables that we got in our box. And also, too, grapefruit.

Friends and readers, I have made some crackin’ good meals lately:  A vegetable tart; a vegetable stew; and grapefruit & honey glazed chicken (that was tonight’s dish).  And it’s a good thing that I like braised red cabbage, that’s all I can say.

P.S. – Monsanto is a big satan.  Do everything you can not to support it.



13 thoughts on “My Vegetable Box

    1. Oh fieryskipper… I have tried and tried to grow vegetables but all I get are giant slugs. This year perhaps I’ll buy a raised flower bed that sits 5 feet off the ground.

  1. Tonight Mark is making beets. Not your run of the mill red beets, but something he calls “Special beets”. Special I guess because they are white. They smell okay, then again everything Mark cooks smells good. Even his ‘roasted kale’. Good luck with your box of veggies.

    1. Yes – I’m really stretching myself! I usually go for dinners that require the least amount of fuss and I keep telling AP that I have to be in the “mood” to cook.

  2. Ah! Well, just finished three months working on the surgical ward of a local hospital and I have, as a direct consequence, given up meat and started to eat as many fruit and veg as humanly possible. At least until my memories of what I saw in the hospital fades a wee bit.

    Compound this with reading books like “the China Study” well .. veggies, here I come.


    1. I’ve heard this from many people. I wouldn’t mind giving up meat completely but I find it really hard to do when I’m cooking for other people. So — I’ll just keep trying to cut back on my consumption.

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