Easy Peasy


Ha! Sophia is just about the most chilled-out toddler that I’ve ever met. And would you look at her?  She’s the cutest little kid.

We began the morning by drawing.  Then we played with stickers.  Then we rolled out the play doh.

And then I showed her the ipad toddler games that I had downloaded.  Whoa Boy.  That’s all she wrote.  Sophia managed the touch screen with no problems at all and we played lots of rounds of matching games and popping ballon games.

So here’s my new toddler play pack…


Don’t worry.  We didn’t overdo it on the ipad.  A toddler can’t concentrate for THAT long.  I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for tomorrow.

One thought on “Easy Peasy

  1. We’re impressed, but could you keep that up 24 hours a day until she is old enough to take care of herself? My child patience is about five minutes. Then I look for mom or dad to take them away.

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