To Devon and Back




I love Devon. As we drove westward, the landscape changed to big, rolling hills, dotted with old farms and sheep grazing in full, green pastures. Each ewe had one or two lambs either standing beside her or running after her as she lumbered across the fields.  I noted this scene several times on our drive.

We stayed at Furze Farm in Great Torrington — a real working farm that had everything you could possibly ask for in a bed & breakfast. I want to give a big recommendation to this lovely place. It was so quiet that the only sound we heard was one cow “moo”. The night sky was full of stars and AP cited many constellations. I slept like a baby.

In the morning, from the bedroom window, I watched the farmers take the cows out to pasture and the ducks decided to take a walk up the drive to the next field, all by themselves. They were civilized and walked in a row with nary a complaint.

We are back in Surrey today with one happy cavalier king charles spaniel and one teenaged boy — who might be happy but I can never tell.

And it’s still cold.  But sunny.

I’ll take it.

2 thoughts on “To Devon and Back

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for posting this! I love Devon and hope to return one day (sooner rather than later would be nice)!

    I am a bit envious of your trip! I often feel as if we could drive for eight hours in any direction and not see anything but tree-rock-lake (repeat).


    Happy belated Easter!

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