Monday Musings


I awoke Saturday morning to an outright snow storm. Big, wet snowflakes swirled around the garden and accumulated on the grass. It fell most of the morning and nearly thwarted a lunch out and a shopping trip that we had planned with the Tall Boy. I say nearly because at mid-morning, AP asked me if we should cancel the shopping trip. “Cancel? NO!!” I said, “We can’t let a little snow stop us from our life. Pffffft. We have to keep going and make the best of things. Life doesn’t stop because of a little snow!”

“Wow. You’re sounding incredibly British…” AP said.

I suppose I did!  But it’s a new attitude that I’m adopting in order to cope with the endless cold, wet weather. And it’s my answer to all of my friends, both here and over on the other side of the Atlantic who are experiencing a delay of spring. Remember…there are no bad days, only bad winter clothing!


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