Cold Spring


Indeed.  As I write this, rain is pattering against our windows and I’m in my wool sweater.  The living room lamp has to be left on all day because the sky is so grey and we are still using our wood stove.

Pickles visited her boyfriend, Sam, and they stood at the window for a long while, longingly watching sheets of rain, wishing they could have a run around the garden.


Such is life here at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Cold Spring

  1. Just so I could remember why I moved to Florida, I am here in Chicago for the beginning of spring. It is forecast to snow on Sunday. That photo of Pickles and Sam make me miss my Chandler and Sasha even more.

    1. I loved your post about the layers of clothes. Well – this makes me wish I had planned a two week holiday with my mom down in Zephyrhills. Have fun at the wedding!!

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