I read a blog post at Superhero Journal today about the glorification of busy and it got me to thinking. I agree that so many people feel guilty if they take an afternoon off and do nothing. They feel so compelled to do SOMETHING all the time and they feel naughty or lazy if they aren’t working at something.  There are so many “shoulds” in their lives that they miss out on some spectacular moments.

But since entering middle age, I must admit that I’ve really started to do whatever the heck I want to do and making myself do things that I KNOW must be done can be like pulling hen’s teeth. And I feel that AP should do whatever he wants to do and so outside of routine necessary chores, we pretty much blow off most projects and we spend our free time pottering around, writing and reading, watching movies, playing tennis and walking the dog.

And I am torn.  I’m torn between “I’m 53 years old and I’ll do whatever I want to do” and “I’m 53 years old and good Lord I can’t seem to get myself organized.”

And so I’ve either got to kick start my self-discipline (snort) or else I need to just…let it go.  Because why torment myself in my middle age?

4 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Our daughter Kirsten is passionate about productivity. In fact, she has a book coming out called The Productivity Ecosystem: The Secret to Unlocking Your Strengths to Accomplish Almost Anything. We’re not really sure where she came from… : )

  2. Hello, I’ve been enjoying your blog for a bit and this post hits something I wrestle with, too. On the whole I subscribe to the philosophy of doing what pleases me, but sometimes I feel buffeted by all the busy-ness around me and I start to squirm. That’s when, like a cat, I find a patch of sunlight, listen to the birds out my window, and remember that BE-ing IS productive. (P.S. I’m 53, too ;0)

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