A Whole World of Suck


We had to say goodbye to Pumpy this morning. He was 19 years old and I feel that this is the end of an era. For those of you who used to read Pearl’s blog, you know what I mean. Pearl and Pumpkin were cats that I brought over to England from New York. They were a hoot.

Pumpkin was very robust right up until very recently. He was a big cuddly cat who loved his mummy…and she loved him.

He was a great cat and we’re going to miss him.

12 thoughts on “A Whole World of Suck

  1. So sad to hear. I have five in the garden along the fence. Each has their own marker, and I think of them every time I’m out there.

    1. I thought of you today, Alan, because you’ve shared with me your experiences with your cats. I know you went through it and I know you understand.

  2. noooo. Goodbye, Pumpy. I have so enjoyed both Pearl & Pumpy’s stories over the years. Lucky cats, both… from homeless in Manhattan to living in England. You did a good job, Kim. A good bean.

  3. I’m so sorry. We aren’t cat people (allergies) but we were vicarious owners through your great stories. Thank you for helping all of us get to know them:)

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