It’s All Fun and Games

When the winter just drags on and on.
And your house is cold.
And you haven’t seen the sun for several days —

The thing to do
Is to find some kids… big kids and little kids

Light a fire in the wood stove
And sit around a kitchen table with drinks and lots of snacks
And play…Bingo
These two meant business.
The caller took his job seriously.
IMG_5816 IMG_5817

There were prizes. Oh yes. Chocolate bars, hand soap, toothbrushes.  I was accused of picking  through my weekly shopping for the prizes but this was not true. I am nothing if not practical and who doesn’t need a toothbrush or some hand soap, for heaven’s sake?

We played Beetle Drive too!!

Yes. Come to our house because we know how to break up the winter blues.  I guarantee it.

One thought on “It’s All Fun and Games

  1. We used to play that ‘beetles’ game when we were kids. It was called Cooties, and you had to put together a plastic bug instead of drawing one. Nice that you can get everyone to stay in one place and play games. Turn off the phones, tablets, and computers for an evening.

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