11 thoughts on “Mais Oui

  1. Ah! C’est si bonne! Oui, j’ador les chats aussi.
    Hey! Pumpy! Can you danson la cpucine?

    Brilliant! I’m sending this to other afficionados. (Also emailing you)

  2. I don’t like cat stuff because facebook and friends have put me right off this stuff … but I loved and adored this. Thank you!
    The French are superb … I see it now. (although, if they beat New Zealand at rugby, I shall take that back, entirely)

      1. I hope not. I’ve discovered this is a sensitive point with me … since some (idiot) one invited them (the French) to the NZ embassy in Brussels for the final of the rugby world cup. Those French supporters cheered at all the wrong times … I discovered I can’t bear the thought of the All Blacks losing to them. 🙂 terrible but true.

      2. Absolutely. Imagine sharing a room with them at the world cup match. I didn’t know I was so … so, mean 🙂 On the inside, anyway.

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