Wintery Goodness


We had our first for reals winter snow fall yesterday.  I had the whole day ahead of me to catch up on all the things that I haven’t had time to do — and yet — all I wanted to do was compulsively eat and lay in bed and read a book.  Funny how a cold, snowy day can do that do a person.

Cold days also turn the cat and dog into best friends.  They usually have an understanding that they will ignore each other but when the temperature drops and the house gets really cold, they snuggle up together and keep each other warm.  I caught them on the bed yesterday:


Here’s a good book for a lazy day inside.

And here’s a delicious soup for when it’s cold.

Happy Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Wintery Goodness

  1. Wow, gorgeous, but only to look at I’m sure. I love Pickles paw almost in Pumpkin’s face! Is that Diana’s yard, or as you call them over there, gardens?

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