The Well is Dry —

I got nothin’.

Well – nothing that any good reader would want to read. It’s all “rehearsal this, rehearsal that…I’m tired…my left hip aches…this is exhausting…there aren’t enough hours in they day.” And so on and so forth. With two weeks until opening night, it’s wearing thin with my family, I can assure you.

But there are other, more important things to consider.

Like my cat.

AP caught this shot of us sleeping together one morning last week. I didn’t even know he had gotten into bed with me.

(Yeah… there’s no way that I’ll show you my sleeping face.)

And the other day I saw him napping on the bed so I leaned in and began talking to him. He reached over as if to hold my hand. At least I like to think that he wanted to hold my hand. His claws were a little sharp…but it was a comfort none-the-less.


Peace out.

4 thoughts on “The Well is Dry —

  1. Yeah, or an anonymous mask. They seem to be everywhere these days, especially in Steubenville, Ohio.

  2. just want towrite that this is one of my favourite blogs ever. I may not always comment, but i religiously read. pls excuse ipad typing… grrr. Anyhoo… so nice to read your holiday posts. must admit that “mother-in-law in the Cotswolds” sounds so much nicer / more posh / more romantic than mother-in-law in doncaster (which is where mine lives). lol.

    sweet pumpy, of course he was holding your hand!

    what we wouldn’t give for the option of a quiet village & pub lunch… haven’t quite found the canadian equivalent of that yet, and we’ve looked!

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