January – 1 – 2013


An auspicious start to the New Year – the sun came out this morning and it stayed up in the sky the whole day. What a pleasure. We visited a local village and had a pub lunch and a walk with Pickles.

We ushered in 2013 gently and quietly… with a film and a visit to a tapas bar. The restaurant was crowded and so AP and I sidled up to the bar and ordered our small tapas dishes and I sat on the high bar stool, swinging my legs back and forth while discussing matters of life and future plans with AP. I watched parties of 6 and 8 come and go — some of the women were dressed to the nines in glitter and sequence and tall shoes. It was fun to watch but I wasn’t sorry that we chose an uncomplicated and quiet evening together.

And now I welcome January with a sense of relief.  It’s here.  The bare bones of winter.  The cold, wet days with no holiday spirit.  Bring it.  I’ve got a pile of books  stacked by my bed and plans for a bingo party with the neighbor kids at the end of the month.




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