Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas, everyone. Hold your loved ones close.

We have had an early celebration with the two boys and I hear them now, laughing and cajoling each other while playing on the new Wii downstairs.

Me? Well. I’m upstairs in bed. Yes. It seems that Santa heard my desire to stay in bed and read and so I was visited by the norovirus and spent all of Saturday night on the bathroom floor.

I’m recovering steadily and so wanted to send out my holiday greetings to the blogosphere.

Joueux Noel.

P.S. – A very thick and fluffy bath mat is sometimes a good investment.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. A norovirus! That’s what Kirsten did her thesis on. In fact we got her a cute cuddly one for Christmas. Much better than the real thing.
    Hope you feel better soon:)

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