Thursday Rambling Post

Winter has well and truly come to my part of the world. The days are icy and cold and the fields and trees have been covered with frost from morning until night.

I was trying to capture this image of the lonely black crow sitting on a fence when Pickles photo-bombed it. She was giving herself a scratch but it looks like she’s dancing a jig.

The cow pasture –


Everything is so pretty when covered in frost. Very magical.


I have lit the wood stove for the first time this season. When we first installed the stove, AP would tear through the house and gather up cardboard boxes or old papers and he would say with great excitement, “I’m going to BURN this!!”

And now I understand the thrill of building a good, roaring fire and watching things burn. It’s mesmerizing and oddly gratifying.

Here’s to keeping warm.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Rambling Post

  1. We dug a pit and made our first fire in the backyard over Thanksgiving break. Toasted some marshmallows and stayed close to the fire as it was pretty chilly out. If you have a spot in your back 40 I highly recommend it:)

  2. terribly jealous of those fields Pickles is walking / doing a jig / through. We have fields behind our house but it isn’t the same without those well worn right-of-way paths (which in my dreams always include a pub). Nice shots!

    J. in Ottawa

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