Why I’m a Lousy Buddhist – Chapter 93

(from Mara’s photostream)

Jeesh. Call me Willy Loman.

I’ve been out all morning trying to drum up support from local businesses for our Guys & Dolls production and, let me tell you, rejection is hard.

And I have lost my community spirit. At this moment I can honestly say that I don’t give a monkeys about what happens to our local businesses anymore.

And I will never eat at a certain Farnham pub again because the manager wrinkled up her nose (as if the whole concept of community theatre smelled) and dismissed me much too quickly. I didn’t even have a chance to tell her how sorry I was that she wouldn’t contribute to our programme because my husband and I have really enjoyed eating at her pub. As did my neighbors. As did some of the cast members.

On the bright side, Farnham has gained a pop up art gallery!

(This is how I feel right now.)

2 thoughts on “Why I’m a Lousy Buddhist – Chapter 93

  1. Rejection. I wrote a novel, or so I thought. Then I started trying to get it published. Yes, rejection. I know it well. I also would be a bad Buddhist. I was a bad Catholic, and I am even a bad atheist as the Christmas tree in the living room and crucifix can attest. The crucifix was a gift, and I appreciate it as art. The tree is just pretty.

  2. Awww Rockyann. You’re having a frustrating week. Fury over taxes AND rejection is just too much in a brief space of time. Space them out a bit is my advice. And as soon as you figure out how to do that, clue me in.

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