The Cat’s Pajamas

If you want to see a beautiful blog, you should visit Posie Gets Cozy. I love everything about this blog: The gorgeous photographs, her writing, the recipes, the handmade items that she produces. Oh… and her house. She also has a new baby and has hand-made many of her little girl’s clothes and they are soooo cute. It’s too bad, thought I, that I don’t know anyone with a baby for whom I could buy sweet little outfits.

And then I had a walk down memory lane.

Remember her?

Pearl meow

My beloved Pearl. She was a high maintenance kitty. She had a myriad of health problems and had to have surgery several times. And she always licked her belly and pulled at her stitches but she couldn’t be kept in a cone because it scared her to death and she would refuse to eat when a cone was on her head.   So the vet told me to buy some baby pajamas and cut a hole out of the bottom for her tail and underparts, but the pajamas would cover her incision and so Pearl wouldn’t be able to access her stitches.

I was soooo happy when I, as an adult, was given permission to buy baby clothes for my cat.  I spent a few hours in Gymboree on Broadway and 74th.

Turns out, Pearl was also freaked out about wearing baby pajamas and the first thing she did when I put them on her was wee all over my floor. Then all of her hair stood on end and she ran under the bed and HOWLED as if she were about to be killed. It took me a very long time to lure her out from under the bed and the pajamas came off and were thrown in the trash.

My fun came to a screaming halt.

The end.

I started to write all of this up in the comments of Posie’s beautiful blog but stopped myself when I saw the juxtaposition of her pretty little baby girl with those beautiful clothes and me buying baby clothes for my crazy cat.  Someone might get the impression that I’m one of those sad childless women who likes to dress her cat!

My faithful readers know better than this.  Right?  You do.


8 thoughts on “The Cat’s Pajamas

  1. I had a friend who took his cat to a dance club back in the 1970’s. He dressed the poor thing up in disco-wear and danced with it on the dance floor. And you thought you were crazy.

  2. This posie woman makes me exceedingly jealous. But I’m going to turn that jealous energy into doing something creative myself. In between the laundry and driving and boy scouts wreath sale and what’s for dinner?

    1. I know exactly what you mean, fieryskipper. You are as talented as she, believe me. But she doesn’t have four great kids, either. You are excused from finishing knitting projects and so forth.

  3. I miss Pearl!

    I just started reading Posey gets Cozy this past week and wonder if your post sparked that… probably, although it was highly unlikely I would surf away from a Pearl post. She was such a sweet cat.

    The Posey posts make me hungry. Then I feel all knitty. Pity I can’t knit. Pity I can eat, however. Her baby Amelia is darling and the previous adoption story heartbreaking.

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